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How to be Linear-like

Unveiling the Patterns and Implementation Strategies

Linear is probably the most popular product management tool among engineers and designers. But not only that. They have shaped a new era of design with their landing page. The Linear-like design can be seen again and again on the Internet. Especially on landing pages for developer tools.

Companies from top right to bottom left: Better Stack, Railway, WeavePay, Leap, Linear, Upstash, RainbowKit, Infisical, Reflect

What makes a page Linear-like?

There are essentially three main patterns for the Linear-like design: the dark mode, the Inter font family, and the prominent hero image with the centered title above it. Certainly, there are cases in which these characteristics do not always all apply, but you can still recognize the Linear-like origin. And even in these exceptional cases, certain patterns always stand out.

The most obvious modification here is the light mode. This gives you dark text on light backgrounds. Companies that have implemented this include Clerk, Plasmic and Plain

Secondly, you also see many landing pages that use an animated 3D object in the hero instead of the prominent centered hero image. Companies that have used this include Resend, Evervault and Founders Inc, with Resend probably coming up with the idea.

And the final pattern that is often found is a sticky, rounded navigation bar that appears to float above the page. Companies that have implemented this include Hoppscotch, Vercel, Pierre.

Of course there are more common patterns to find like the rounded call-to-action button, background gradients or the announcement badge above the hero, but these are really the one that stick out. To learn more about it, check out these related readings:

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How can you use the Linear-like design for your own?

Certainly, a wealth of inspiration can be derived from talented designers themselves. Notable individuals proficient in crafting user interfaces of this kind encompass Oğuz Yağız Kara, Namya Kahn, and Paco Coursey.

You have the flexibility to implement this not only for the layout of the landing pages but also for subpages like blogs, changelogs, or pricing. If you’re keen on adopting a Linear-like design for your company’s career page, be sure to explore Cherrycruit.

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